Investment strategy

Arendals Fossekompani has considerable financial capacity. The portfolio consists partly of long-term and active industrial investments, partly of liquidity placements.

The portfolio of active, industrial investments consist mainly of a limited number of subsidiaries and affiliates where Arendals Fossekompani exercises its interest through active participation on the BODs.

The liquidity placement consists mainly of a limited number of major investments in shares and bonds listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Our investment strategy may be summarized briefly as:

  • We believe long-term and active ownership over time yields superior return, risk taken into account
  • A considerable part of our investments will be in businesses manufacturing equipment and offering services to the energy sector, and/or in businesses pursuing efficient exploitation of energy
  • Existing investments in power production are not part of the active portfolio management, but constitute the financial bedrock of our corporation
  • We prioritize organic growth and/or bolt-on acquisitions through existing subsidiaries and affiliates